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mac用什么IDE编辑好?Komodo IDE 11.0.0 最新特别版 一个跨平台的集成开发环境,支持通用的开源语言Perl、PHP和Ruby,代码智能引擎非常可靠,拥有一个智能的代码编辑器,能帮助你编写出高质量的代码,能让你的开发工作快速完成。

Komodo IDE 11.1.0 最新特别版 - Mac全能的(IDE)编程开发软件 MAC软件 第1张

在项目方面,Komodo IDE 11.0.0 最新特别版 还支持与CVS、Subversion和Perforce的集成,也允许直接向服务器FTP传递代码,让你在开发过程中保持灵活和高效。

Komodo IDE 11.0.0 最新特别版功能特色:

  1. 用于调试、代码智能、视觉代码导航和正则表达式工具箱的获奖工具帮助开发人员更快地编写代码,而源代码控制集成、项目管理器和多用户支持帮助团队开发。
  2. 浏览器端的技术:CSS,HTML,JavaScript和XML
  3. 服务器端语言:的Perl,PHP,Python和Ruby和Tcl
  4. 网站模板的语言:RHTML,模板,工具包,HTML,Smarty的,Django的和
  5. 自动完成和calltips
  6. 更快的编写代码,并缩短与代码完成,你的工作,指导您的学习曲线
  7. CSS,HTML,JavaScript中,的Perl,PHP,Python和Ruby,TCL,XML和XSLT。
  8. 架构基于XML / HTML完成
  9. 简体中文文件支持,如HTML CSS和JavaScript完成
  10. 对于Rails和Zend框架支持
  11. 添加第三方库的支
  12. 内置和标准库信息的翻译版本分化

Komodo IDE 11.0.0 最新特别版更新:

  1. Revamped Code Intelligence: Autocomplete is more robust and triggers from any position. The symbol browser focuses on simplicity, and you can quickly filter symbols using the new symbol list - all with overall faster performance.
  2. Print Debugging: Is running the full debugger is a bit much, but toggling between print statements gets tiresome? Now you can quickly toggle print statements as well as easily create them, simply by clicking the editor margin.
  3. DevDocs.io Integration: Highlight any word or code snippet and trigger the relevant language docs in DevDocs.io from inside Komodo, making the process of looking up documentation much simpler. It even works when you’re offline.
  4. Live Previewing: No need to switch back and forth between your browser and editor. Now you can edit your HTML and markdown and test it all without leaving your IDE. Your preview will automatically reload whenever you edit the file - saving not required. ## Known Issues
  5. Project/Folder/File Templates: Automate your workflow with templates for Python, Go, PHP and HTML, or create your own. You can even link to remote zip files on GitHub to hook projects into Komodo. Plus, with the new Project Wizard, you can bootstrap new projects with your favorite templates.
  6. Dependency Detector: Komodo automatically scans and detects third-party dependencies, giving you immediate insight on what works, and letting you further adjust as needed. Maintain control while minimizing configuration time.
  7. Universal Package Manager: Access your package manager with one button and run commands directly within the editor, with support for Python (pip), PHP (Composer), Ruby (Gem) and Node.js (npm and Yarn).
  8. Clipboard Manager: Press shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + V (default keybindings) to bring up your last 10 clipboard entries. Convenient!
  9. Auto-Formatting: Auto-format a file on save, or access formatting options with a new sidebar button. Great for Go coding in particular.
  10. Updated Publishing: Publishing with Komodo 11 is a breeze. The updated interface helps you get started faster and see what files will be published at a glance.
  11. Other Mentionables

More snippets, tutorials and userscripts for PHP (Drupal, Laravel, WordPress)

Asynchronous remote files - work with remote files way faster

JSHint 2.9.5 linting for enhanced JavaScript (ES6) support

SDK availability

Project template for Komodo add-ons

User interface enhancements

Refreshed, comprehensive documentation

And more (see the changelog)

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