Photoshop CC  2017 18.1.0 for Mac版下载(带特别工具)

Photoshop CC 2017 18.1.0是Adobe公司推出的一款图像处理和编辑软件,几乎是设计师必备软件。本文更新的是Photoshop CC 2017 18.1.0版本。

Photoshop CC 2017 18.1.0

Version 18.1.0:

Use the Touch Bar with Photoshop - Photoshop now supports Touch Bar, the multitouch display at the top of the new MacBook Pro keyboard; Touch Bar support in Photoshop is currently a technology preview feature
Fixed customer-reported issues:
Group blending modes act differently for 16/32-bit images
The hit area for closing folders is hard to click on
Error or crash with missing displacement map upon action playback
Selecting a group expands it unexpectedly
An issue while exporting a document with a hidden layer group
"Copy Layer Styles" is missing from the Layers panel
Crash while using the Lasso tool when the Messages app is enabled
The "Select & Mask" taskspace responds slowly or crashes on computers with AMD processors
"Content-Aware Fill" quits unexpectedly when the CPU has more than four cores
The "Include Vector Data" option is grayed out when you save an EPS file containing a type layer


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